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Jan L. :

Children's Ark Day Care is a wonderful place to take your precious children. My daughter has been under Ms Ashanti's care for 6 months and is doing great. She is learning so much because Ashanti is a patient and knowledgeable care giver. She is teaching her alphabet sounds at 14 mos old and will expose her to toileting before age 2. They do all kinds of arts and crafts and singing songs. I often hear my daughter singing and humming songs she's learned while she a busy playing.  It took me a while to find the right day care for my child but now that I have, I am relieved that I don't have to worry about her welfare while in someone else's care. To me that is priceless.



Briana C. :

SO happy that we decide to enroll our son (2 years old) at Children's Ark! She is an amazing woman. Patient and kind. She doesn't "plop" the kids in front of the TV- she teaches them new and exiting things! My son has learned SO much since being with Mrs. Ashanti. We enrolled him in May of 2014- I just wish we found her sooner! i have peace of mind while I am at work, knowing that my son is safe with her. I don't have to worry about abuse or neglect. I recommend anyone to take their children to her. She is the best teacher! I have been wanting to move out of the area for a more afforable home, but I won't because I will NOT take my son out of her program!



Gwenn K.​ :

As a grandmother, I was skeptical of child care in general.  Then, I saw the Mother's Day video and was very impressed with this group of children.  Since, my granddaughter continues to amaze me in what she has learned with Mrs. Ashanti.  I agree with my daughter that she is very fortunate to have found her.



Davina H. :

My daughter has been attending this daycare since she was a baby. She is now 5 years old.  I have to say that Mrs. Ashanti (the teacher) has provided a safe, warm and rich environment for her as well as for my other two older children.  I will be sad to say goodbye to this daycare when my daughter leaves to kindergarten next year.  However, I am excited for all the new children who are coming in since I know that they will be starting their new journey there and receiving optimal care.  I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone who is looking for an overall great childcare experience for their children.  Mrs. Ashanti is also very reasonable about her fees compared to many other daycare facilities out there.  She is not just providing a  safe environment while you are away from your child, she is also constantly teaching and stimulating the children with a rich & fun learning environment.  I truly thank Mrs. Ashanti for everything she has done for my children and know that other parents feel just the same!!



Andrew D.​ :

Mrs. Ashanti did a wonderful job watching after our 2 year old daughter Bailey. We would still be there today if we didn't have to move. Mrs. Ashanti always had fun things for the kids to do, especially during holidays, and would always send Bailey home with different projects throughout the week. Ashanti is very honest and upfront, and cares very much for all the children she watches. What more could you ask for in a daycare?



Diana :

Words truly can't express the way I feel about Ashanthi. She truly is blessing to the child care industry. She shows much love and care to the children who come into her hands. Ashanthi shows unconditional love to the children as they were one her own.
Through the many years that I have personaly known Ashanthi, She has grown to be a great part of many childrens lives and there parents. Ashanthi is first, an amazing mother to her beautiful daughters, second she is a fine educator and third an amazing child care provider that has everything for parents to feel at peace when leaving their child under her care.




Hello I have my children in Ms. Ashanthi Daycare for about one month now and I love it . I looked at alot of daycares and none of them felt right for my son until I met ashantii she is very pleasant, warm towards my boy. She is also very afforadable for the quality care that she provided. She is thriving in their development which I love . Ms. Ashanthi, is A wonderful teacher . my son has learned so much from her in the last month. I would highly reccomend her to a parent who is in need of a quality provider.



One of the most difficult decisions parents face is making the best choice for childcare. I found Mrs. Roshal by chance when I was looking for a new daycare provider for my 3 children. I interviewed several providers and none of them fit all of my daycare needs until I met Mrs. Roshal. During the interview, she was pleasant, upfront and warm towards my children. She was also the most afforadable for the quality care that she provided. My children have been attending her daycare for a few months now and I am very pleased with the care they recieive. They are thriving in their development and very happy with Mrs. Roshal. I would highly reccomend her to a parent who is in need of a quality provider. My children & I are blessed to have her!!




Ms. Ashanthi, you are a wonderful teacher my daughter has learned so much from you I have tried different daycares and this is the best daycare ever thank you



Hui and Jenn:

 Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort on sequoia when you were at Pasadena school. We miss you a lot after you moved. We want to let you know that we are amazed every time we see sequoia reads. She reads so well and we are very proud of her We are delighted to tell you that you should have all the credit on sequoia's reading skill. With out the firm foundation you build in her, she can not reach this far today…Thank You.



Gioia : 

I worked with Ashanthi for two years in a preschool classroom. She is a wonderful teacher and caretaker. She is patient, nurturing and in tune with the needs of the children. She presents learning in a fun natural way that the children really respond to.



S. Bajorunas: 

I first came in contact with this wonderful teacher while I had my daughter enrolled in her Montessori preschool classroom. She was such a kind and caring educator. She made sure my daughter reached her full potential and learned as much as possible. I know my daughter achieves high academic success now because of the self-motivation she gained in her preschool class. I would recommend her to everyone I know because she really does value using education to fully develop a child. She is a very experienced and professional educator and any child would benefit from her care.



Manel : 

Thank you so much for the patience,love and care shown to my grandson when he was under your care.We feel lucky to have got a good teacher like you.



Rani : 

I worked with Mrs Ashanthi for two years.She is a very hardworking,patient,loving and wonderful teacher.She has a lot of experience and is very professional. I would highly recommend her for any parent who is seeking a daycare. Good luck Mrs. Ashanthi, you will be missed.


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